A red-tailed hawk.

The Dan Vecchitto Website

Hello! I am a designer, game developer, and "creator" based in Greenwood Heights in Brooklyn, NY.

I am probably best known for the game "Trombone Champ," now available for PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

I also worked on "Icarus Proudbottom's Typing Party," a multiplayer arcade cabinet where two players compete in a series of typing minigames. We're currently working on an improved version.

Before that, I spent around 10 years doing web design, UI and UX in the world of book publishing. Most of my work from that period is underwhelming B2B stuff.

If you want to contact me for some reason try this:

I have no idea how / why you got to this website but I hope you have better internet fortune in your future. In the meantime please look at my bird photos here.